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22 December 2014 @ 03:12 am

Yeah so umm...if u wanna friends me plz comment here first. ^_^
So lame I know.

I've decided to make this journal as a comment only one so I'll no longer be updating this blog with any new entries. Thanks for understanding.

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22 November 2015 @ 09:18 pm
Been ages since I posted here.

Sometimes you just wanna go & listen to music but have no idea what to or they're mostly pay or sometimes not even available (I'm looking at you Spotify.) So here's a list of sites for your music finds:

8tracks Random mixtapes for everything
Tapely Similar to 8tracks
This is my jam You can post a weekly jam & even find related ones.
Noon pacific Sign up for a weekly random playlist. They even have an 8tracks account
Soundcloud You can find a lot of stuff here aside from music like podcasts, audiobooks etc.
Steady mixes Yeah it says for "Workout" but they've got a HUGE collection of remxies here.
Adventurecargo (Friends only) Altho they haven't updated since Feburary 2014, they have lots of great finds up there.
Bop.fm Finds music on various platforms
Playmoss Similar to above site but also uses Vimeo & Soundcloud
Youtube Youtube now has a music section to find music.
Tunein A podcast site with a great selection of podcasts from all over the world.
Tumblr If you look hard enough, you can find a lot of great music here.
Last.fm Pretty sure a lot of people already know about this. Some free music does show up for non-USA/Euro members so I'm adding it here.
Edit: Beta site uses Spotify to play the tracks. If you're lucky, you can find a track that plays on Youtube instead.
Deezer Search, listen. Even make a radio playlist. Best alternate to Spotify imo.
Mixcloud Another search and listen site.
Musixmashup Same as above but uses Youtube videos. Even better if you have a last.fm account because it will scrobble whatever song you're listening to.
Presto.fm Another site that uses Last.fm to make your personal radio station
SpicyMocha Similar to above. Uses Youtube, Vimeo & Soundcloud
Yourlisten Upload, listen & discover
Whyd Uses Youtube to add tracks in the playlist
Songdrop Similar to above but adds music from pretty much everywhere.
Reddit Musicplayer Uses Reddit as a recommendation engine & finds songs through Youtube.
Recordlective Listen to songs by album. (Seems like it only works if there's a Youtube video)
Musicovery Basically for music discovery/recommendations.
Songza Daily playlists using Youtube
22tracks Offers music popular in Amsterdam, Brussels, London & Paris. You can even make your own playlist.
Jango Wasn't going to put this until I discovered that you can find stations by artists too.
Myspace Go here if you really can't find anything lol XD
Plug.dj A DJ site where you could chat with other users and listen to different songs.
Every Noise at Once Basically features every (yes EVERY!) genre of music there is. Clicking on scan will play random genres which you can further explore to see the artists included. List shows all the music in Spotify.

(Note: All the mentioned sites find music from all artists on demand so I'm not going to list any sites for underground music only.)

Other sites:
Soundiiz Transfer playlists from your fave sites to another without any fuss.
Patari An invite only site for free streaming Pakistani music
Taazi Legal site for Pakistani music. You'll have to make an account tho.
Yala.fm A site for Arabic music
Downloads for Arabic music
Downloads for Japanese music
Downloads for Jrock
Downloads for Jpop & some Kpop
Downloads for Kpop
Another site with Kpop Downloads
Downloads for BW, Pakistani, Tamil, Afghani etc
Universalscrobbler If you ever thought you could've scrobbled that one song you heard on the radio, you can use this site to do just that.
Eternify.it Apparently you can listen to a 30 second loop & it'll pay for the artist (Not sure if it does but you can leave it open in the background)